Singapore-style Pesto Pasta

pesto pasta

A few months ago I was invited to a media event and there Chef Willin Low taught us how to make his rendition of Pesto Pasta. Besides the usual suspects like basil and parmesan cheese, he also added laksa leaves, salted fish and dried shrimp.

What I love most about the recipe is that there’s not specific quantity. Chef Low left it to us to concoct our own preferred flavours…


Garlic, chopped
Laksa leaves
Chinese parsley
Salted fish
Dried shrimps
Pine nuts or Sunflower seeds
Bird’s eye chilli
Parmesan cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Lemon juice


Blend everything except the noodles and lemon juice until smooth.

Cook the pasta and set aside the leftover water.

Heat up a pan and add some olive oil. Fry some chopped garlic. Throw in your favourite seafood and then the pesto paste. Add 2 tbsp of the leftover pasta water and use your spatula to loosen up the paste.

Add the cooked spaghetti, mix well with the sauce and then turn off the fire.

Squeeze lemon juice over and  serve hot.

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